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We have always campaigned on issues close to our heart, where we believe we can make a real difference. Since 1994 we've helped to raise funds and global awareness of domestic violence. Since 2004, over £4m(1) has been donated to local partners who fund the prevention, support and protection of abused women and children.

Notable successes for this campaign include an organised street march and petition in Seoul, Korea. This was followed by a government commitment to increase spending on domestic-violence shelters and invest in education programmes for the police. In Switzerland we took the message into classrooms, sponsoring a website which engages children in the domestic-violence issue.

Since 1993 we've been campaigning and raising awareness of the issues and taboos surrounding HIV and AIDS. In the last two years we've helped raise £1.1m(2) for the Staying Alive Foundation, a grassroots youth–awareness project which aims to educate at-risk communities on safe sex, HIV and living with AIDS. Other campaigns support the fight against human trafficking. Our Stop The Trafficking of Children and Young People campaign raised awareness and funds, and offers support for victims, or those at risk. The Body Shop will always remain dedicated to its mission to campaign for human and civil rights and environmental protection across the globe.

1. Global figure. In the UK, through Women's Aid, Registered Charity No. 1054154
2. Global figure. In the UK, through the MTV Europe Foundation, Registered Charity No. 1054154