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After 20 years of campaigning, we're celebrating the EU ban on animal testing for cosmetics from 11th March.

The ban prevents the import and sale of animal tested products and ingredients in the EU.


The EU ban sends a strong worldwide message in support of cruelty-free beauty. Some countries still demand animal testing for cosmetics, and, with your support, we will continue to work with Cruelty Free International to campaign for a global ban.

If you haven’t already, ClickHere to help stop cosmetics testing on animals across the globe.

Against Animal Testing Timeline

1993: The Body Shop, the first beauty company to take action on animal testing for cosmetics, supported the campaign by enlisting the support of its consumers across Europe.

1996: Dame Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, joined members of The European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) and MEPs in presenting a petition containing 4 million signatures to the European Commission.

2003: the European Union (EU) agreed a ban on animal testing for cosmetics, to come into effect in two stages.

2009: The first stage of the EU ban was implemented on 11th March 2009 however, three types of animal tests were exempt from this ban to allow enough time for alternative testing methods to be validated meaning the testing of cosmetic products and ingredients on animals to continue

2012: the BUAV established Cruelty Free International, the first global organisation dedicated to ending cosmetics animal testing worldwide. The Body Shop together with Cruelty Free International launched a new international campaign which has so far resulted in customers from 55 countries signing a global pledge supporting an end to animal testing for cosmetics forever.

2013: On 11th March the EU ban will be fully implemented and these 3 remaining tests will be banned ensuring no company can carry out new animal tests for cosmetics purposes outside of the EU for products to be sold in the EU from that date.