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Experience the sensuality of luxurious organic argan oil in your own home with our Wild
Argan Oil Collection. Argan oil has taken haircare by storm, now you can have the benefits
of this wonder oil in an indulgent new bath & body collection too.

Moroccan women indulge in weekly cleansing rituals at their local hammam,
where the combination of regular steaming, scrubs and massages leaves
their skin radiant and soft. Now you can experience the reinvigorating benefits
of a hammam in your own home...

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Wild Argan Oil Bubbling BathWild Argan Oil Bubbling Bath

A key part of the hammam is allowing yourself the time
to step away from the daily grind. Carve out some 'me'
time – dim the lights, bring out the candles and take a
deep breath.

You can now sink into a hot Wild Argan Bubbling Bath or
a hot steamy shower to help calm and soften skin, open
the pores and prepare it for treatment.

Next, cleanse using Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel before
exfoliating with the Rough Scrub by massaging it
onto dry skin. Wash away the dead skin, and give
yourself an extra pampering treat by applying one
of our nourishing face masks.

Top body loving tip: Gently rinse with cold water
to close pores and prepare your body for moisture.

Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel & Rough ScrubFind your nearest store Wild Argan Rough Scrub Shower Gel
Wild Argan Oil Body Butter & Body LotionWild Argan Oil Body Lotion Wild Argan Body Butter

Lightly pat your skin dry. Whilst the skin is still slightly damp,
apply generous amounts of either the rich Wild Argan Oil
Body Butter or the Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion if you prefer
a lighter texture. Doing this whilst your skin is still slightly
damp will lock in extra moisture.

Top body loving tip: Always massage your moisturiser
towards your heart, in either upwards or downwards stroking

Finally, for the perfect finishing touch smooth The Radiant Oil all over your body for skin that feels extra silky with a golden glow. You can also use this on your hair.

Add the Wild Argan Oil Miracle Solid Oil to any extra dry areas, great for elbows and knees.
Apply the Wild Argan Oil Solid Oil Lip Balm for soft, smooth lips.

Wild Argan Oil Miracle Solid Oil & Solid Oil Lip BalmWild Argan Lip Balm Wild Argan Miracle Solid Oil Wild Argan Radiant Oil