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Hair care

Wash and go, it’s that simple with the Body Shop’s range of men’s hair care. Choose from our no-fuss products – there’s men’s shampoo that also doubles as a body wash to have you on your way out in no time, quick and easy conditioners and washable styling gels, waxes and shines for a polished finish.



Blended with ginger essential oil from Sri Lanka, birch bark, white willow extracts and Community Trade organic aloe vera, our lightweight Ginger Scalp Care Conditioner gently soothes the scalp and strengthens weak locks. Use with our iconic Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo for optimum results. For dry scalp and weak hair Enriched with Community Trade organic aloe vera 100% vegan Suitable for sensitive scalp Scalp looks and feels healthier (85% agree*) Scalp feels soothed and rebalanced (85% ag
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Shampoo Haircare,Ginger,Ginger Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Ginger Anti Dandruff Shampoo

This refreshing shampoo with ginger extract is perfect for dry scalps. • Cleansing • Refreshing
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Shampoo Haircare,STRAWBERRY,Strawberry Shampoo

Strawberry Shampoo

Feed dull hair with our Strawberry Clearly Glossing Shampoo. Enriched with mouth-watering Italian strawberries, the silicone-free, 100% vegan formula adds shine and helps detangle for soft, sweet-smelling locks all day long. For dull hair Leaves hair full of shine Enriched with Italian strawberries and Community Trade aloe vera from Mexico 100% vegan Formulated without silicone
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Conditioner Haircare,STRAWBERRY,Strawberry Conditioner

Strawberry Conditioner

Revive dull hair with our Strawberry Clearly Glossing Conditioner, leaving your locks smoother, shinier and smelling of fresh Italian strawberries. Formulated without silicones, the 100% vegan formula makes detangling easier for moisturized, delicious-smelling hair. For dull hair Leaves hair moisturized and full of shine Enriched with Italian strawberries and Community Trade aloe vera from Mexico 100% vegan Formulated without silicones
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Shampoo Haircare,FUJI GREEN,Fuji Green Tea Shampoo

Fuji Green Tea Shampoo

Enriched with revitalising Japanese green tea, our refreshing shampoo cleanses and removes impurities, basking your hair and scalp in an invigoratingly fresh feeling. For normal hair Refreshes and purifies the hair and scalp Enriched with Japanese green tea and Community Trade honey from Ethiopia 100% vegetarian Formulated without silicones and colourants
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Hair Treatment,FUJI GREEN,Fuji Green Tea Hair Scrub

Fuji Green Tea Hair Scrub

Introducing a new, nature-inspired approach to hair care, our invigorating scrub shampoo blends Japanese green tea, mint menthol, salt crystals and Community Trade honey from Ethiopia. Massage onto the scalp to help stimulate blood flow and whisk away impurities like dust, smoke, sweat and styling residue. This purifying scrub will make your scalp feel instantly refreshed, help reduce build-up on hair and leave you feeling revitalized with a healthy-looking shine.
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Treatmnt/Supp Hcare,Rainforest Hair Oil,Rainforest Coconut hair Oil

Rainforest Coconut hair Oil

This luxuriously silky oil melts effortlessly into your hair creating the perfect overnight, leave-in, pre-wash treatment or the optimal nourishing accompaniment to scalp massage. • Reveals hair that is strong, soft, shiny with a healthy scalp. • Light fragrance • Certified with Eco-Conscious Standards • Paraben Free, Solicone Free, Colourant Free
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Conditioner,BANANA,Banana Conditioner

Banana Conditioner

A beauty classic returns. This thick and creamy conditioner leaves hair beautifully soft and tangle-free. It contains real banana puree. • Conditions • Leaves hair soft and tangle-free • Thick and creamy • Bottle made from 100% recycled plastic
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Shampoo,BANANA,Banana Shampoo

Banana Shampoo

A beauty classic returns. This shampoo gently cleanses hair, leaving it beautifully shiny. It contains real banana puree and smells good enough to eat. • Gently cleanses • Leaves hair shiny • Bottle made from 100% recycled plastic
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Hair Styling,CORE NATURALS,Grapeseed Glossing Serum

Grapeseed Glossing Serum

This serum smoothes hair and gives it natural-looking shine. A little goes a long way. • Smoothes • Adds gloss • Easily washed out
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Hair Styling,STYLING,Coconut Oil Hair Shine

Coconut Oil Hair Shine

This solid oil turns into a balm in your fingertips. It smoothes hair and adds shine. A little goes a long way. • Conditions • Smoothes • Adds shine • Washes out easily
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